Brink's Taiwan

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Our Proud Heritage
From humble beginnings as a cartage business on the streets of Chicago to the world's most trusted name in secure transportation and logistics services.

What We Offer

Brink's Taiwan specializes in managing your risk through safe, secure transportation and handling of your valuables. With over 147 years of experience, we are well-placed to add value at every point in the secure logistics supply chain. Our key services include:

Quality & Service
We provide comprehensive cash and valuable commodities management logistics for a wide range of customers within retail, banking, government authorities and the public services around the clock and throughout the year.

Significant local expertise is complemented by strong links to our companyˇ¦s world wide organization. Being the largest international security network, Brink's, Incorporated now operates in more than 50 countries with more than 39,000 employees.

This integrated distribution network guarantees our customers receive the highest level of security, service, and accountability covering both local and Door to Door international service, all within one company.

Risk Management
Brink's Taiwan assumes full responsibility* for all shipments entrusted to us and can ensure customer protection on a level unparalleled in the industry. By maintaining close working relationships with selected airlines we are able to constantly monitor and improve upon our procedures and delivery time.

Brink's Taiwan has developed a unique relationship with our insurer, which allows us to eliminate and properly manage the risk involved. Together, we are able to tailor contracts and coverage to fit the specific needs of our customers. Comprehensive risk management controls ensure the highest level of security for customer property.

*Subject to the terms and conditions of the applicable Brink's Global Services and standard contracts.

Solutions, Products & Services

Secure Logistics

Ensuring the swift, secure transportation of your valuables, with one dedicated carrier managing pick-up, transit and delivery.

Walk-in Service Centres

Cutting delivery times of diamond and jewellery shipments with an integrated network of Walk-In Service Centres, equipped with secure storage and private inspection rooms.

Private / Trade Show Services

Servicing every major trade show around the world and private show for specific retailer at home, Brink's manages every level of the supply chain for the diamond and jewelry industries, from customs clearance and on-site help, to overnight storage.

Customs Clearance

Dedicated customs experts providing quick and confidential service.

Inventory Management

Developing integrated software so you can manage your inventory in any of our storage facilities worldwide.

ˇE Pick & Pack
ˇE Vaulting & Storage

Cash & Coin Processing

Delivering swift, accurate processing for almost any currency, using innovative technology and rigorous internal checks.


Offering you advice on the latest regulatory issues and industry developments in relation to secure logistics.

IT & Communication

Brink's achievements in the field of advanced technology are fuelled by an intense commitment to leveraging technology to improve secure logistics processes and enhance security services. As a global leader in our industry, Brink's developed a special software incorporating transportation, warehousing and inventory control supported by sophisticated telecommunication links ˇV ensuring ongoing shipment control from pick-up to delivery.

At Brink's, we believe technology gives us more than a competitive advantage. It instils in us the values of creativity and innovation, and enables us to implement better, more effective solutions for our customers.


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